Deprecation Warning

DSP API v1 will continue to receive critical bug and security fixes, but no new functionality will be added going forward. Next version of DSP API is under development and when ready DSP API v1 will be deprecated.

User Manual

The Delta CMP API is a UTF-8 HTTPS/JSON API for automating certain operations in The Delta Campaign Management Platform.

All operations must be requested securely over HTTPS and must include an API key query parameter for authentication and authorization. The base path for the API includes the version, for example '/api/v1/'. Currently, the only acceptable version tag is 'v1'.

The API is tightly coupled with Delta Projects CMP and modifications done through the API will instantly be pushed to the CMP interface.

Last modified: Mon Jan 13 2020 14:34:29 GMT+0100 (Central European Standard Time)

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