Product Feed API

Our HTML5 library comes with a set of functions for receiving products from a product catalog.

To make use of our product functions you must specify "$productFeed", "$products" and optional "$numberOfProducts" as variables in your manifest.json file:

"variables": {
  "$productFeed": 6,
  "$products": "{{products}}",
  "$numberOfProducts": 4

In the example above the {{products}} macro will be populated with an array of max four product objects from product feed with ID 6.


Parameter Type Required Description
id string Yes A unique identifier of a specific item. Preferably the SKU of a product
processedAt long Yes Unix Timestamp when this item was processed in milliseconds
title string No The title of the item
description string No A description of the item
link string No A URL linking to the item's page on the website
imageLink string No A URL to an image of the item
condition "new","used" or "refurbished" No The condition of the item
availability "in stock" or "out of stock" No The availability of the item
price string No The price of the item
extras string No Additional data wrapper


The following example creates a <div> element and sets its text content to the first product's title.

<script type="text/javascript">
  html5.ready(function() {

    var firstProductTitle = html5.products.all()[0].title;
    document.getElementById("product").innerHTML = firstProductTitle;
<p>First product: <span id="product">...</span></p>


To test certain products simply set the product IDs yourself in your manifest.json file. Don't forget to remove the $productIds variable before submitting the ad to our system.

"variables": {
  "$productFeed": 6,
  "$products": "{{products}}",
  "$numberOfProducts": 2,
  "$productIds": ['r2d2','stormtrooper']

Please read our JavaScript Reference for information about available product functions.

ClickTAG definition

When fetching item(s) from the feed and wishing to use imageLink as ClickTAG, it can be define as the example below:,"_blank")

As the URL is already existing in the feed you will not have to use any of the functions html5.getClickTag() or html5.createClickTag().

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