Implementation guide

Delta Projects enables you to manage, deliver and analyze your Internet advertising. In order to evaluate online campaigns and optimize current activities based on visitor on-site behavior Delta Projects clients need to implement our tracking script on their web sites. Delta Projects tracking is based on simplicity. You add our async javascript on your web site and then you can specify actions in an intuitive manner.

Every type of event registers an action by a visitor and links the action to the advertising campaign statistics.


Intended for technical users interested in implementing Delta Projects tracking on their web sites, or site owners who are looking for information about what Delta Projects tracking can do.

In short the Delta Projects tracker has support for these actions:

Verifying your implementation

To verify that the trackers are correctly implemented, they should be tested using a tool that displays http requests. Some tools that can be used are Charles, Firebug or Fiddler

When using the standard tracker you should see the following requests when performing pageView or order registration:

  1. http(s)// (unless already in the browser cache)
  2. http(s)//*

The asterisk (*) indicates the specific action invocation specified for the tracker being tested, for example pageView or order.

Our trackers are built to be as easy as possible. If you do not want to, or can't, provide us with these dynamic values you can just copy and paste these scripts in place and we will fetch the URL of the page and fill the empty variables with Delta generated values. It is however recommended that you provide us with as much information as possible.

Last modified: Mon Jan 13 2020 14:34:29 GMT+0100 (Central European Standard Time)

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