Deprecation Warning

DSP API v1 will continue to receive critical bug and security fixes, but no new functionality will be added going forward. Next version of DSP API is under development and when ready DSP API v1 will be deprecated.


The Delta CMP API is a UTF-8 HTTPS/JSON API for automating certain operations in The Delta Campaign Management Platform.

HTTP protocol

All operations respond with standard HTTP status codes, including:

  • HTTP 200 OK -- operation successful
  • HTTP 201 Created -- operation successful with URL to created entity in Location response header
  • HTTP 202 Accepted -- the operation was accepted but since the operation is asynchronous, the outcome is unknown
  • HTTP 400 Bad Request -- malformed request
  • HTTP 401 Unauthorized -- incorrect or insufficient credentials
  • HTTP 404 Not Found -- unknown entity referenced
  • HTTP 5xx -- scheduled maintenance, etc.

Testing the API

The API is simple to test using a standard web browser. For POST's we recommend any "RESTful client" browser plugin, e.g. Advanced Rest Client.

Remember to provide an API key.

Last modified: Tue Jan 28 2020 15:34:57 GMT+0100 (CET)

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