Every HTLM5 ad must have its own manifest.json file that describe properties such as the width and height of the ad, possible landing page URL, etc. This file is examined when the ad is uploaded into our system, but is also used when testing your ads locally during development.


  "title": "Example Ad",
  "description": "An example ad",
  "width": 728,
  "height": 90,
  "source": "index.html",
  "clicktags": {
    "clickTAG": ""
  "variables": {
    "color": "blue"

Field Description

Parameter Type Required Description
width number Yes The standard width of the ad (non-expanded)
height number Yes The standard height of the ad (non-expanded)
source string Yes The source HTML file name
title string No The name of the ad
description string No A description of the ad
clicktags object<string, string> No Predefined click tags used by the ad when clicked
variables object<string, string> No Optional predefined variables used for configuring the ad. See API for more information

Last modified: Tue Jan 28 2020 15:34:57 GMT+0100 (Central European Standard Time)

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