Product Feed XML

The first thing you need is to provide us with a product XML feed that we will use to synchronize your client's product information with our ad server. The feed must be accessible over HTTP(S) and will be fetched periodically by our system. We support feeds built following our specifications and to some extent also basic Google's product data feeds, both Google's RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 feed specifications.

Make sure the following requirements are met

  • The document must be encoded using UTF-8, except for <link>.
  • Make sure to properly encode HTML tags you with to use inside the product feed nodes, e.g. <title><![CDATA[My <i>title</i>]]></title> not <title>My <i>title</i></title>

Sample XML feed

<rss version="2.0">
      <title>Nice robot</title>
      <description><![CDATA[R2D2 is...]]></description>
      <availability>out of stock</availability>
      <price>29.50 USD</price>
      <title>Bad man</title>
      <description><![CDATA[A stormtrooper is...]]></description>
      <availability>in stock</availability>
      <price>29.50 USD</price>


Parameter Type Required Description
<channel> Yes A collection of items to synchronize


Parameter Type Required Description
<title> string No The title of the feed
<item> Yes Nodes used to specify items to synchronize


Parameter Type Size Required Description
<id> string 255 Yes A unique identifier of a specific item. Preferably the SKU of a product
<title> string 2048 No The title of the item
<description> string 2048 No A description of the item
<link> string 2048 No A URL linking to the item's page on the website
<image_link> string 2048 No A URL to an image of the item. Max allowed image file size is 4MB
<condition> "new","used" or "refurbished" 128 No The condition of the item
<availability> "in stock" or "out of stock" 128 No The availability of the item
<price> string 64 No The price of the item
<extras> string 2048 No Additional data wrapper

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